Enterprise Content Management

Digital Transformation Starts with Content Management

Your company needs to manage the explosive growth of digital information in order to provide reliable access to your business content. Whether you want to accelerate your digital transformation to streamline your internal business process, or you want to capture market share by providing digitally-connected customer experiences, Optima ECM can help.


Consolidate your business rules, validate practices and develop a comprehensive digital strategy that will carry your organization into the future.


Design your system on industry-leading software from SAP, OpenText and Microsoft to manage, control and efficiently distribute all of your digital content.


Leverage our experience in implementation and roll-outs to deliver a streamlined solution that will boost the productivity of your entire organization.


Optima provides full content lifecycle management and in-place tuning to keep your OpenText systems up to date and running smoothly.

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Reduce Complexity with SAP Extended ECM by OpenText®

Content and Business Process Experts at Optima listen to your challenges in order to form a deep understanding of your needs. We then work with you to provide knowledgeable, strategic guidance, and we do the heavy lifting to implement a streamlined ECM platform that efficiently manages both structured and unstructured information to take the complexity out of your digital enterprise.


Your Software; Optima Expertise

Optima helps you maximize your ECM investment by supporting the tools you already own.


Deliver a Differentiated Customer Experience with Document Presentment

Personalized Messages

Targeted Campaigns

High-volume Document Generation

Don’t just deliver content to your customers -- enhance customer satisfaction with automated, personalized documents. An automated document presentment system allows you to add a personal touch to your correspondences in a simple, reliable and cost-effective manner.

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