Data Archiving with OpenText for SAP

Manage costs and minimize risks throughout your SAP system with proactive data management

Every business transaction produces more data, expanding an SAP® database until it reaches its limit and putting additional strain on IT resources to maintain the SAP platform. As the database grows, backups and recoveries take longer, upgrades require more time and resources and user response times become prohibitive. Additionally, when users are unable to work effectively, orders are no longer processed promptly, invoices are delayed and customers have to wait for assistance.


Reduce TCO of your SAP system

Save costs with more efficient resource use

SAP data archiving safely and easily removes application data from the database that is no longer required in day-to-day business, storing the data in archive files that can easily be retrieved at a later date if necessary. Removing old data from the SAP database frees up space, leading to more efficient use of resources, such as disk storage or CPUs. It also reduces administration work, which decreases overall IT costs.

Increased system availability

Less data means decreased system downtime, as the time required for software upgrades, data backups and recovery and database reorganization is also reduced. Additionally, users get a faster system and can archive data in an online mode without having to shut down the system.

Reduce TCO through seamless integration

Fully integrated with SAP applications, Data Archiving for SAP Solutions is based on SAP NetWeaver® technology and uses the SAP ArchiveLink® interface to store archived data and print lists. It is certified by SAP for “Integration with SAP NetWeaver” with the SAP ArchiveLink and SAP NetWeaver Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) interface certification.

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