What changed between Archive Center 10.5 and 16?

- Available on-premises or Public Cloud, on a flexible customer tailored environment or a multi-tenant environment with reduced operational costs

- Stand-alone archiving services CMIS is now supported, ArchiveLink and CMIS services can run on the same host

- Multi-document file Archive Center now supports Advanced Function Presentation (AFP) Documents

- New statistics: Volumes and transactions information is available within the administration tool out-of-the-box

- Server platform’s OS and DB now supporting Windows Server 16, Red Hat RHEL 6 and 7, Novell Suse Linux SLES 12, IBM AIX 7.1 and Oracle Linux 6 and 7, MS SQL Server 2016, Azure SQL, Oracle 12.2, Postgre and SAP HANA 2 DB

- New Storage Platforms have been certified: Netapp Snaplock (Ontap 9.3) and Dell-EMC ECS (CAS-API)

- And more...

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What comes next?

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Archive Center 16.2 and SAP HANA 2.0 SPS 3 support New Storage Platforms

- Netapp Snaplock (Ontap 9.3) certified for AS 10.5 and AC 16.2

- Dell-EMC ECS (CAS-API) certified for AC 16.2

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Support of modernized operating and database systems

- Support OpenJDK 11 and OracleJDK 11 Oracle 12.2 RAC

- Hana DB 2.0 SP3

- SQL Server 2017

Patch Collection for Archive Center 16.2.2

- Support Storage platform EMC Isilon

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SAP ILM Support New Platforms

- Tomcat 9

New Storage Systems


- Amazon S3 WORM

- Google Cloud Storage

“OpenText Archive Center” Support Lifecycle

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- When a new version of an OpenText product is released, it is considered to be under Current Maintenance for a period of 5 years from the version release date.

- Sustaining Maintenance refers to the stage of the product lifecycle following the expiration of current maintenance. During this phase of the product support lifecycle, few minor support services may be available.