2024 Manufacturing
& CPG Industry Trends:

Digital transformation
in the supply chain

Explore the latest trends in supply chain disruption, from ESG integration to procurement transformation strategies and more. Compare your business’s experience to what industry leaders say about their companies.

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How well are CPG and manufacturing
companies integrating ESG and sustainability
into their supply chains?

Discover the future of CPG and manufacturing with our 2024 Trend Report, a 

collaboration between Optima Consulting and Canam Research:

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  • Dive into the latest supply chain disruption trends and innovations.

  • Understand how the industry is evolving towards ESG and sustainability and why real-time supply chain visibility is a business imperative.
  • Gain insights and uncover possible solutions to tackle maverick spending in the supply chain, along with effective working capital management strategies.

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In this report, you'll find:

Only 20%

of CPG and manufacturing

companies have their ERP

integrated into external systems

and partners.

45% of respondents

indicate their company is still in

the planning and discussion

stages for supply chain


Less than 1/4

of organizations admit they are

only slightly effective at

implementing working capital


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