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Evaluate the Value of Your VIM Environment

Evaluate the Value of Your VIM Environment

Digital transformation can be a challenging and ongoing process for enterprise-level firms, but updated solutions from OpenText can help deliver system-wide business efficiency.

Are You Getting the Full Value of VIM?

OpenText Vendor Invoice Management for SAP Solutions – VIM (also known as SAP Invoice Management by OpenText) is a leading business solution that enables businesses to efficiently process and manage incoming invoices from a variety of sources. It includes pre-configured rules, roles and actions to fully automate invoice receipt and posting, and empowers AP teams to monitor, evaluate, and manage their invoice workflows.

To keep pace with today’s hyper-paced digital economy, OpenText has updated VIM’s existing functionality and introduced new features and capabilities to flexibly handle invoice and payment requirements that have now become standard business practices. These updates also address advances in computer technology, security requirements, and data privacy concerns that have become an integral part of any software.

Unfortunately, large enterprise-level firms aren’t always able to keep pace with their software suite’s upgrade release schedule, and eventually need to ask:

  • Are we technologically up to date?
    • Is our system running efficiently or draining our processing resources?
    • Are we at risk for data loss or theft?
  • Are we functionally up to date?
    • Are we using our systems effectively to achieve our business goals?
    • Are we able to monitor KPIs to extract beneficial business insights?
    • Are we leveraging all the capabilities of our software?
    • Is our team able to utilize the system for the most ROI?

Evaluate Your Environment

Finding the answers to these questions isn’t always easy, so the invoice management experts at Optima ECM Consulting assembled the following VIM Self-Evaluation Survey for you to evaluate your system-wide business efficiency. Download these questions to review with your team and get insight into where you are today and effectively plan for the future.

Download Optima’s “VIM Self-Evaluation Survey”