Information Lifecycle Management

Explosive information growth and rapidly changing digital practices, including digital transformation and cloud deployment models, drive an increased need to consolidate archive data and control access to customer’s personal information and corporate proprietary content. Optima can help you achieve data transparency and accessibility while still maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements.

Control Both Historical Data and Risk with Information Lifecycle Management

Optima can assist in creating an Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) strategy that meets your business criteria for data access while maintaining compliance with regulatory and eDiscovery requirements. Integrate your historical, unstructured content and keep control of your growing database to reduce both risk and inefficiency, and ensure compliant data retention and destruction while preparing for your SAP S4/HANA migration.


Records Management

Risk management can pose a challenge when you need to maintain proprietary or legacy systems and decentralized information repositories. Optima helps you design and deploy integrated systems that merge content into a single-source-of-truth model for simplified and trusted information exchange.

Reduce risk and create a manageable archive strategy with Optima