Sales Order Management

Organize and accelerate your order-to-cash processes with VIM Beyond Finance

SAP Integrated

Integrate into the SAP Business Suite solution stack for innovative order-to-cash solutions, and simplify deployments and operations with TCO Embedded.

Process Automation

Solidify your foundation for non-touch processing and deliver an efficient user experience that enables automation capture and processing in accordance with your business rules.

Suite Integration

Provide extended ECM solutions that can create and consume content from workspaces, automate document presentment, and provide rich analytics for continual process improvement.

Reduced TCO

Build process-driven scenarios and deliver instant business value with SAP-based solution accelerators.


Simplify and accelerate your sales order management and receivables management processes by leveraging an SAP integrated automation solution.

Digitize your Sales Order Management – Accelerating the top line revenue

Discover how you can improve your cash flow and reduce costs by eliminating inefficiencies in your order to cash processes.

Optima is ready to help you accelerate your order-to-cash processes