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Sapphire 2024

Unlocking Opportunities with SAP: Key Takeaways from SAPPHIRE 2024

As the CEO of Optima ECM Consulting, I had the privilege of attending SAP SAPPHIRE

Effective Spend Management VIM and SAP Business Network

Effective Spend Management: Dramatically Increase ROI

Companies constantly seek ways to streamline operations and drive maximum value from technology investments. One

Optima Evolution

Optima Consulting’s Evolution and The Power of Innovation!

I’m thrilled to share the incredible transformation of Optima Consulting! What began as a pioneering

Journey to S/4HANA: VIM and Information Capture

We've said it before and we'll say it again: every company will have its own



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Explore our collection of insights on SAP implementation and optimization strategies. 

Optimizing Contingent Workforce Onboarding for Federal Employers

In today’s increasingly complex labor market, federal employers are confronted with a litany of challenges

SAP DSN: The Bridge to Intelligent Spend Management

A clear spend management strategy is critical for any business. The balancing act of managing

Benefits of AP Automation Technology: Vendor Relationships and Working Capital

In our previous post, we discussed centralization as one of the main benefits of AP

OpenText Business Scenarios: Extending the Value of OpenText Extended ECM

Investing in new technology can be as daunting as it is exciting. On the one

Optimize OpenText VIM with Expert Analytics

While automating vendor invoice management processes with OpenText™ Vendor Invoice Management for SAP can dramatically

How Machine Learning Improves Invoice Automation

In every industry, accounts payable (AP) and related invoice management teams are beginning to recognize

Benefits of AP Automation Technology: Centralization and the Remote Workforce

In recent years, many organizations have been reviewing remote work options or rolling it out

The Benefits of Solution Accelerators for OpenText xECM for SAP

Choosing the right tools, systems, and applications to achieve your business challenge that is fraught

Reduce AP Costs with Invoice Automation

As a company grows, maintaining an efficient and cost-effective AP team is a formidable challenge,

Seizing Opportunities: An Interview with Optima ECM’s Founder, Shaney Salomon

Shaney Salomon, the founder and owner of Optima ECM, stands out as one of a

Digital Transformation with the Newest VIM Upgrade

A major goal of any digital transformation effort is to eliminate the need for traditional

The Value of Content Services and the Power of SAP xECM

Businesses have many choices today in the technology they use for efficient operations, especially when

All Articles

Explore our collection of insights for SAP implementation tips and optimization strategies. 

Get a headstart on your research with templates

6 minute read

UX research is a team effort

6 minute read

Using UX to win in good times (and bad)

6 minute read

Get a headstart on your research with templates

6 minute read

UX research is a team effort

6 minute read

Using UX to win in good times (and bad)

6 minute read