Case Study: Custom Sales Order Process for Just-In-Time Delivery

June 21, 2022

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About Piolax USA

Established in 1988, Piolax USA has grown into a leading provider of plastics and metal fastening products. Operating in the automotive industry and serving clients around the globe, Piolax USA has earned a reputation for high-quality fastening products and an ability to keep up with the just-in-time supply chain requirements of the highly competitive automotive industry. For years, the company leveraged best-in-class technology and cutting-edge, in-house manufacturing into a business advantage. With technology moving to the center of every competitor in the automotive industry, Piolax USA decided to evaluate and improve the very practices that made it an industry leader throughout the company’s history.

To learn how Optima and solutions from SAP and OpenText enabled Piolax USA to achieve new levels of operational excellence, download the full case study today.

The automotive industry relies heavily on a just-in-time delivery model with orders often on the production line within a half-hour of delivery. To be successful in this competitive industry, Piolax USA developed an effective manual data entry strategy for their SAP environment. While reliable, they realized they needed to automate their system to stay competitive, and there were no “out of the box” solutions that served their needs.

At the end of 2021, Dermavant launched a digital transformation initiative to improve the organization’s internal workflows and accentuate AP system capabilities. Dermavant had initiated a larger S4/HANA migration with Clarkston, a technology and management consultancy, and Optima was brought in as specialists for the SAP Invoice Management and SAP Information Capture Core aspects of the project. Due to their rapid expansion, they had a rigid delivery time-frame but could not forgo a rigorous testing phase, which was imperative ahead of deployment.

The Solution

After talking with several consultants, Piolax engaged with Optima ECM Consulting to assess the company’s SAP environment and formulate a solution to address their needs including:

The Results

Working together, Piolax and Optima were able to design a solution that combined current best practices with custom solutions necessary in such a complex environment: OpenText Business Center, Sales Order accelerator, and Business Capture Center are tried and true solutions that Optima has deployed for years.

The Optima ECM solution drove dramatic business benefits tied to across many departments and functions including:

Next Steps

Following the results of the initial engagement, Piolax decided to explore improving the efficiency of their invoice management process. The company is eager to understand how integrating the SAP Invoice Management solution can streamline and automate their invoice and document intake workflows more, and will be continuing their investments in digital transformation to increase their capacity and shift team focus to more value-generating work.