Evergreen Packaging Case Study

February 21, 2018

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Mill Products

Packaging Company

Solutions and Benefits

Increase in invoice automation

35% Of invoices posted after validation without any further manual processing

80% increase in the discounts taken by processing discounted invoices first

1.5 FTE Reduction in workload by automating manual processes

Download the success story, “How Can Automated Invoice Management Save Time, Reduce Costs, and Strengthen Business Relationships?” to see how Evergreen Packaging has increased efficiency and visibility across the invoicing process, with SAP and Optima.

How Can Automated Invoice Management Save Time, Reduce Costs, and Strengthen Business Relationships?

Company Profile

From milk cartons to envelopes, to-go cups, and more, Evergreen Packaging Inc. is dedicated to providing durable fiber-based packaging that is both convenient for consumers and environmentally friendly. As a business, Evergreen Packaging also prides itself on being the best possible partner to its customers and vendors. A big part of that is ensuring efficient and accurate invoice management and doing everything it can to reduce operational costs.


Define a strategy for the lifecycle of not only their current finance documents but also net-new documentation for a VIM implementation project.

Project Description

Evergreen Packaging needed to improve the efficiency of its accounts payable (AP) team and increase visibility into invoicing. With SAP Invoice Management by OpenText and the option for OCR, it is automating invoice processing, accelerating payments, and saving money with faster discount identification.

Products Utilized

Before: Challenges and Opportunities

Why SAP with Optima Consulting

“SAP Invoice Management is helping our AP team to be more efficient. We now have greater visibility into the entire invoicing process, which enables our AP team to maximize discounts and make payments on time.”

-Sanjay Srivastava, Director of SAP Solution Management, Evergreen Packaging Inc.

After: Value-Driven Results