Metropolitan Sewer District Case Study

April 20, 2019

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Metropolitan Sewer District

Operates and maintains a collection, transmission, and treatment system



  • SAP Invoice Management by OpenText
  • SAP Invoice Capture Center by OpenText
  • SAP Content Server


  • Increase in invoice automation by 100%
  • Improved on-time payments to 95%
  • Increase in accounts payable satisfaction by 100%
  • Improved Operational Efficiency
  • Better vendor relations thanks to an end-to-end digital invoice processing solution


  • The need to improve accounts payable operational efficiency.
  • To implement an accounts payable workflow software solution that is integrated with the Accounts Payable module within SAP, and deposits the final invoice within MSD’s document archive software.


The solution delivered by Optima fulfills project objectives and the project implementation process went smoothly. The solution also delivered the following benefits:

  • Workflow automation
  • Improved process efficiency
  • Improved personnel productivity
  • More timely processing of invoices
  • Improved accuracy versus manual data entry

How can automated Invoice Management benefit an organization and improve operational efficiency?

Metropolitan Sewer District Louisville, Kentucky

MSD operates and maintains a collection, transmission, and treatment system that include approximately 3300 miles of sewer lines, 259 sanitary pump stations, 5 regional water quality treatment centers and thousands of sanitary and combined sewer manholes and catch basins. MSD’s system serves more than 250,000 homes, businesses, and industries in a service area consisting of approximately 385 square miles.

MSD also maintains and operates the storm water drainage and Ohio River flood protection systems within Metro Louisville. Since 1987, MSD has been responsible for the construction, repair, and maintenance of storm sewers, drain swales, ditches and channels, and for the maintenance and repair of 25 miles of earthen levees, 16 flood pump stations, and 4.5 miles of reinforced concrete floodwalls.

MSD processes and pays on average 2000 invoices per month.

Benefits provided to Accounts Payable with SAP® Invoice Management by OpenText

MSD needed to implement a best in class Accounts Payable workflow software solution, which provided electronic capturing of a vendor invoice, perform a three-way match with the purchase order and receiving documentation, move the invoice through an electronic approval matrix, integrate the invoice to theAccounts Payable module within SAP, and deposit the final invoice within MSD’s document archive software, Bentley eB.

Brad Good, Controller, Metropolitan Sewer District

“SAP Invoice Management by OpenText is helping our AP Team to be more efficient, improve timeliness of invoice processing, and providing vendor insight and collaboration. Optima was very helpful throughout the design and implementation, providing thought leadership and best practices, which resulted in a successful project.”