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Data Volume Management For SAP

Tackle the complications of growing data volumes that harm system performance, lengthen backup and restore intervals, and escalate administrative and storage expenses. Utilize Data Volume Management for SAP to not only reduce your data footprint but also to prime your system for a seamless transition to S/4HANA.



Optima Simple Packs

Data Archiving For S/4HANA Pack

Optimize your SAP system by efficiently archiving obsolete and legacy data with our Data Archiving Pack. Ensure performance, reduce storage costs, and maintain data integrity and compliance.

SAP Archiving

Extended ECM For SAP

Harness the power of AP & Invoice Automation to enhance the Invoice-to-Pay cycle. Reduce manual errors, ensure timely supplier payments, and foster better financial transparency and compliance in your operations.



SAP Invoice Management by OpenText

SAP Invoice Management by OpenText

SAP Invoice Management by OpenText

Benefits of AP & Invoice Automation

Improve profits by getting deeper discounts for early payments.

Reduce costs and boost productivity through automated invoicing.

Improve vendor relations with shortened invoice-to-pay cycles.

Lower processing costs by about 60%.


SAP Invoice Management by OpenText

VIM Executive Insights by Optima

SAP Ariba Invoice

Optima Simple Packs

VIM Deployment Pack for S/4HANA

VIM Upgrade Pack for S/4HANA

VIM Improvement Pack for S/4HANA

VIM Executive Insights by Subscription

VIM-Ariba Integration Pack for S/4HANA