Optima TotalCare™

Scalable, Dependable Support Matched To Your Company’s Needs

Optima TotalCare™ delivers customized on-demand ECM operational support for your total environment, proactively detecting, troubleshooting, and resolving issues 24/7/365.

Optima TotalCare Basic
Optima TotalCare Standard
Optima TotalCare Premium Program
Optima TotalCare Cloud Program

Optima TotalCare is tailor-made support leveraging Optima's team of talented SMEs with deep experience in your solutions, exactly how you've implemented them.

Your ECM solution integrates complex technology from multiple solution providers. How do you keep it running at peak efficiency and address immediate issues? Staffing a knowledgeable in-house support team with the diverse experience in your complete stack is expensive. Relying on out-of-the-box vendor support programs results in non-responsive, "pass the buck" ticket escalations while your business screeches to a halt.
Optima TotalCare is your solution.

Optima TotalCare Provides

  • On-demand operations team – Full-time team with the exact skills that match your solution and implementation
  • Flexible on-premise and cloud programs – Define a custom program to meet your unique requirements
  • 24/7/365 monitoring and support – Proactive monitoring to detect and address issues all day, every day
  • Experienced SMEs – Your team understands your system as implemented and is skilled in your unique solution
  • Predictable annual IT budgets – Control your IT spend with consistent costs throughout your budget cycle
  • One-on-one communication – Direct communication with your assigned CRM, not a generic help-desk line

Flexible Program Options

Optima TotalCare offers flexible program options to meet your specific needs. From “expert-on-demand” resources to fully managed cloud-based ECM services, Optima TotalCare ensures your ECM investment is delivering the power and functionality you need to achieve your business goals.

  • Understand and implement best practices for your business content
  • Define and validate business use cases
  • Align your content strategy with your business goals and create a digital transformation roadmap
  • Plan, implement, and launch best-in-class business solutions
  • Content management system and lifecycle management stragies
  • Tuning in-place solutions for maximum operational efficiency

Additional Add-On Services

Optima's consultant teams have years of in-depth, hands-on practical experience monitoring and optimizing complex solutions. Our holistic business focus on your processes and solutions ensure your ECM investment is supporting your business success.

We offer a wide range Add-On services including:

  • Functionality Enhancements
  • High Availability / DRP Monitoring / Troubleshooting
  • OpenText System Refresh Support (Advisory only)
  • OpenText System Refresh Execution
  • Support on OS Server and/or DB Patching
  • Architect Advisory Services (Solution Design, KPI/Performance Analysis)
  • Documentation – RCA, Technical Design Document updates, etc.
  • OpenText Platform Diagnosis
  • VIM Functional Diagnosis
  • Integration with 3rd Party Solutions
  • SAP Data Archiving Analysis and Strategy Evaluation
  • SAP Database Growth Analysis
  • SAP Monitoring and Maintenance Recommendations
  • SAP Administration Support – Monitoring, Analysis, Advisory only

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