Optima Solution Packages

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Payment Request For VIM

Allows for electronic initiation and submission of payment obligations made without an invoice via VIM.

Vendor Invoice 360° View for Doculink

360-degree view for vendor invoices including related SAP transactions and attachments.

Content Repository Migration Tool

Smart migration of documents between archivelink compatible content repositories.

Sales Order 360° View for DocuLink

360-degree view for sales order document flow including related SAP transactions and attachments.

SAP Office Migration Tool

Migrates SAPOffice attachments stored in the SAP database to an archivelink repository.

Purchase History 360° View

360-degree view for purchase order history including related SAP transactions and attachments.

Email Attachment Ingestion for SAP

Automates acquisition archival and contextual linkage of email attachments to SAP transactions.

Mass Downloader for DocuLink

Enables any DocuLink view to perform mass download of attachments into desktop.

PoD Ingestion using Barcodes

Streamlines the time-consuming task of scanning each Proof of Delivery and manually linking them.

Orphan Barcode Tool for DocuLink

Allows to troubleshoot and fix incorrect barcodes received from an external source.

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