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What Changed Between Archive Center 10.5 and 16?

What changed between Archive Center 10.5 and 16?

– Available on-premises or Public Cloud, on a flexible customer tailored environment or a multi-tenant environment with reduced operational costs

– Stand-alone archiving services CMIS is now supported, ArchiveLink and CMIS services can run on the same host

– Multi-document file Archive Center now supports Advanced Function Presentation (AFP) Documents

– New statistics: Volumes and transactions information is available within the administration tool out-of-the-box

– Server platform’s OS and DB now supporting Windows Server 16, Red Hat RHEL 6 and 7, Novell Suse Linux SLES 12, IBM AIX 7.1 and Oracle Linux 6 and 7, MS SQL Server 2016, Azure SQL, Oracle 12.2, Postgre and SAP HANA 2 DB

– New Storage Platforms have been certified: Netapp Snaplock (Ontap 9.3) and Dell-EMC ECS (CAS-API)

– And more…

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What comes next?

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Archive Center 16.2 and SAP HANA 2.0 SPS 3 support New Storage Platforms

– Netapp Snaplock (Ontap 9.3) certified for AS 10.5 an alt=”Screen Shot 2019-04d AC 16.2

– Dell-EMC ECS (CAS-API) certified for AC 16.2

Support of modernized operating and database systems

– Support OpenJDK 11 and OracleJDK 11 Oracle 12.2 RAC

– Hana DB 2.0 SP3

– SQL Server 2017

Patch Collection for Archive Center 16.2.2

– Support Storage platform EMC Isilon

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SAP ILM Support New Platforms

– Tomcat 9

New Storage Systems


– Amazon S3 WORM

– Google Cloud Storage