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What is RISE with SAP and Business Transformation as a Service?

What is RISE with SAP and Business Transformation as a Service?

SAP recently announced the RISE with SAP program, a bundle of powerful services, tools, and strategies designed to accelerate migrating a business’s operations and content services to the cloud. Their goal is to deliver minimal business disruption while helping clients realize the advantages of the power and flexibility of SAP S/4HANA Cloud.

RISE with SAP isn’t a new product, but instead combines the proven experience of SAP partners like Optima with successful strategies to migrate their business environments. Unlike traditional “rip and replace” schemes that shoehorn every business into a strict set of business workflows, RISE with SAP is designed to provide flexible solution options tailored to the functional, budgetary, and timeline requirements of individual companies.

What is Business Transformation as a Service?

Team happy with their content services health check initiativeThe most innovative RISE with SAP concept is the idea of “Business Transformation as a Service.” SAP brings this to life by combining multiple strategic offerings into one contract with a single price. Fortunately, Optima is one of the few partners experienced in each of these core components:

  • SAP Business Process Intelligence
  • SAP Business Technology Platform
  • SAP Business Network (Ariba)
  • SAP S/4HANA Cloud Suite using SAP Cloud or any of the five hyperscale Cloud providers

Optima complements the offering with:

  • Content Integration Strategies with OpenText
  • SAP Process Mining by Signavio Expertise
  • P2P Knowledge and Implementation Experience with best-in-class solutions like SAP Invoice Management by OpenText
  • Data Migration and Data Archiving/ILM Experience
  • Extensive Multi-Industry Business Workflow Experience

By combining these powerful components in one package and ensuring they are delivered by experienced partners, RISE with SAP is able to provide a holistic engagement journey that truly delivers business transformation.

We look forward to working with our clients as they take advantage of RISE with SAP to accelerate their journey to becoming an Intelligent Enterprise.


Your First Step

To get you started with RISE efficiently, Optima developed a unique DCS Health Check, a low-cost, comprehensive evaluation of your current environment. Our proprietary methodology analyzes your current system to prepare you to get the most from RISE with SAP.

Learn more about our DCS Health Check below, and how it is a vital first step to take advantage of RISE with SAP and start your transformation to an intelligent enterprise.

Learn More About Our DCS Health Check